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  Darrell Christopher, Founder
Ryan DeVries, President, 2014 Holland Ave Unit # 738 Port Huron Michigan USA 48060
Jim Sweeney, Newsletter Editor, ABCC #631, 5133 Norbeck Road, Rockville, MD 20853-2259
Jim Thompson, Finances and Treasurer
Teresa Byrd, Auctions Coordinator
Suzanne Lanoue, Website Editor

CARDS NEEDED!  Please donate your unwanted cards by contacting Ryan or Teresa (above).

Business Cards


The club has been around for 25 years and had 900 members in the past.  There are currently 81 active members. 

Why not? Those cards have been around for centuries, and folks used to collect business cards long before anyone even heard of baseball cards, or even baseball. Young and old alike used to collect cards for the pure enjoyment of it, and they still do. It's fun!


Business cards are made to be given away --- free. Business people of all kinds use those cards to advertise, and most of them are very willing to give a card, or even several cards, to just about anybody who asks for them. You can find new cards anywhere you go, and they are different from business to business and from store to store. You might find some real treasures, even in the most unexpected places. Your collection might grow very quickly to hundreds or even thousands of cards.


The ABCC was established in 1980 as a club for people who collect business cards. We have members all over the U.S., and some around the world. We exchange business cards through the mail. As a member of the ABCC, you, too, can get cards from other states, provinces, and countries all over the globe.

When you join the club, you receive a member's list, but we have decided not to put the members' list online, for the sake of their privacy.

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