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  International Business Card Collectors Make sure to visit the IBCC Facebook page , too! Business Card Collectors Forum Ryan DeVries Check out the ABCC president's awesome site! Suzanne's Business Card Site This webmaster's site... Check out this cool business card video! Do you have a business card site? Send us the URL and we will put it here!! Page Updated 5/12/24 [  Home  ] [  ABCC Membership  ] [  ABCC Dues  ] [  ABCC Card Talk  ] [  Contact ABCC  ] [  ABCC Links  ]  [ Guestbook  ]    

ABCC Guestbook

 Our old guestbook is long gone, but below are some kind comments we received in the pat. Please feel free to leave comments on any of our pages in the comments section at the bottom of each page, or email Suzanne ! Date: 26 Jan 2006 Time: 19:45:14 Remote User: Comments Thank you so very much for all your hard work and creative ideas in getting so much information together - this is terrific! Jim and Sue Thompson Date: 28 Jan 2006 Time: 13:45:44 Remote User: Comments Hi Suz Lanoue, Great job to Promote ABCC..I am am going to send link to a trader friend in Florida !!! Also thanks for including a link to BLUEWATER CLUB. Ed Banik ABCC #132 / BBCC #5 Date: 01 Feb 2006 Time: 05:09:28 Remote User: Comments Great website, really enjoyed myself ! Jake Gourd Goodprint UK LTD Date: 07 Mar 2006 Time: 14:49:36 Remote User: Comments I like the new format.....My son, Walter Kane, was Member #73 for many years in the 1970's and 1980

Contact ABCC

  Interested in receiving more information about the ABCC? Write to:   Contact ABCC Ryan DeVries , President, 2014 Holland Ave Unit # 738 Port Huron Michigan USA 48060 Jim Sweeney , Newsletter Editor, ABCC #631, 5133 Norbeck Road, Rockville, MD 20853-2259 Jim Thompson , Finances and Treasurer Feel free to leave comments on our pages below!   Page Updated  5/12/24 [  Home  ] [  ABCC Membership  ] [  ABCC Dues  ] [  ABCC Card Talk  ] [  Contact ABCC  ] [  ABCC Links  ]  [ Guestbook  ]        

ABCC Application

  American Business Card Club Membership Information Business Card Collecting is lots of fun. It’s entertaining, educational, challenging and rewarding too! COLLECT BUSINESS CARDS:   Why not? Those cards have been around for centuries, and folks used to collect business cards long before anyone even heard of baseball cards, or even baseball.   Young and old alike used to collect cards for the pure enjoyment of it and they still do. It’s Fun! HOW TO DO IT:   Business cards are made to be given away – free. Businesspeople of all kinds use those cards to advertise, and most of them are very willing to give a card, or even several cards, to just about anybody that asks for them.   You can find new cards everywhere you go and they are different from place to place.   Your collection might grow very quickly to hundreds or even thousands of cards. THE AMERICAN BUSINESS CARD CLUB :   The ABCC was established in 1980 as a club for people who collect business cards to unite

ABCC Card Talk

    CARDTALK is the official ABCC Newsletter. Every month, every member will receive an issue of CARD TALK, filled with interesting and informative articles and news about the world of business cards. CARD TALK also tells members about ABCC news, events, and activities. It brings you information about new members, contests, and much, much more.   Members are encouraged to send in articles! Each month in the Card Talk newsletter, members' birthdays for that month are listed, so other members can send them cards on their special day.   Card Talk is put together by Jim Thompson, BA Hughes & Debby Miller.  More articles, advertisements, or other ideas are always needed,, so please write in if you are a member and have a word to share! Card Talk is more than just information.  It is a way for you to get to you know your fellow collectors and will give you many ideas and ways to get more cards, as well as opportunities to enter contests and other exchanges. Page Up


  You may join the ABCC at any time. Our membership year runs from January to December.  ABCC Membership Dues: Dues are $15 for US, $24 Canada, $33 Outside US & Canada All dues are prorated by month since all dues renew in December. Page Updated 5/11/24 [  Home  ] [  ABCC Membership  ] [  ABCC Dues  ] [  ABCC Card Talk  ] [  Contact ABCC  ] [  ABCC Links  ]  [ Guestbook  ]    

ABCC Membership

 AS A NEW ABCC MEMBER, you'll receive:  ABCC Membership List - When you join the ABCC, you will receive a current ABCC Membership List with the names and addresses of all of our members. It also tells you what kinds of cards various people like to collect. As long as you are a member of the ABCC, you will receive a new updated list in January of each year.  Additional copies may be available for $2.    MORE CARDS - Other members may send welcome cards to new members.   CARDTALK - The official ABCC Newsletter MEMBERSHIP FORM - Download and print out, mail in to join the club! Page Updated 5/12/24 [  Home  ] [  ABCC Membership  ] [  ABCC Dues  ] [  ABCC Card Talk  ] [  Contact ABCC  ] [  ABCC Links  ]  [ Guestbook  ]